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RIMAC Rice Whitening Machine

  • The RIMAC Rice Whitening Machine YBS-50 provides uniform whitening
    as by uniformly removing the bran layer of grain surface with friction generated among grains, guaranteeing uniformly whitened rice with a smooth and lustrous surface.

    The friction-type rice whitening machine also features a jet air system that prevents temperature rise, and bran sticking to the grains is completely blown off and removed. Operation is carried out simply by consulting the instruments, smooth and easy operation guarantees rice of desired whiteness with maximum milling yield.

    Brown rice is whitened by friction among the rice grains generated as they pass through the clearance between the screen and the milling roller. The bran layer of the brown rice is removed by the action of grains rubbing together. Jet air is blown from the fan passing through the hollow part of the main shaft and is flowed into the milling chamber. It functions to cool the rice grains and to blow off free bran from the whitened rice. It also minimize localized acute pressure thus enabling to avoid excessive breakage of grain. The degree of whiteness of the finished rice can be easily adjusted using the Weights as in the case of the abrasive-type rice whitening machine.

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